About Us

Pioneering in the field of fibrosis care

Founded by Experts

Fibrocor Therapeutics is a pioneering company at the forefront of precision medicine, focused explicitly on fibrosis, a complex and debilitating disease. Our groundbreaking approach involves tissue-specific therapeutics to transform the treatment of this complex condition. By partnering with renowned research institutes in Toronto, Canada, we have gathered and extensively studied diseased fibrotic tissue samples from multiple organ systems. Driven by an in-depth comprehension of the disease’s origins and manifestations, we have successfully curated a robust pipeline of drug candidates to address these debilitating conditions within an expanding population of affected patients.

Established in 2017 as a collaboration of leading experts in fibrosis from University of Toronto-affiliated research institutions at St. Michael’s and Mt. Sinai Hospitals, Fibrocor Therapeutics was founded by a team with lifelong expertise in the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of fibrotic diseases. These distinguished professionals worked closely together, leveraging their collective knowhow, to identify and validate novel disease targets.

Therapeutic Development

At Fibrocor Therapeutics, we have developed a state-of-the-art target discovery platform that combines next-generation sequencing tools with extensive longitudinal clinical follow-up data. This powerful combination enabled us to uncover and validate fibrotic disease targets, providing valuable insights as a prelude to therapeutic development. We collaborate with multinational organizations including Evotec GmbH, IONTAS, and NovAliX to ensure the highest scientific rigor in our drug development programs.

We have identified three programs at or near the pre-clinical candidate (PCC) stage from a vast pool of novel fibrosis-related targets. Two small molecule programs, with our lead program currently in the PCC stage and a second program in the late lead optimization (LO) stage (FIB992 and FIB991, respectively). Additionally, we have an antibody asset in the PCC stage actively engaged in partnering discussions (FIB918). These promising programs demonstrate our commitment to advancing therapeutic options and addressing the urgent needs of patients with fibrotic diseases.

Entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to scientific excellence, and world-class collaborations  ensure Fibrocor Therapeutics is poised to make a significant impact in the fibrosis market. We are driven to improve patients’ lives providing hope and innovative solutions for those affected by fibrotic diseases.